Marianita Valdinoci was born under the sign of Aquarius on 10 February 1935. It was her father Tomaso Valdinoci, famous principal viola at the Scala (from the 1930s to the 1970s), who transmitted to Marianita a deep love for music. In the 1950s Marianita attended Marino Marini’s  Sculpture Course at the Brera Academy and produced her first works. A long break devoted to her family before she returned to art again in the 1980s, creating other clay figures and compositions. In the 1990s she found the best way of expressing the force of her inspiration in painting. In this period she produced around sixty works, refined medium and large oils on canvas which form part of a single cycle “painted thoughts”; each picture is the fruit of arduous interior processing and a determined and continuous quest which bear witness to the sincerity and depth of this pictorial undertaking. At present the artist is creating a series of sculptures in painted clay (“shaped thoughts”) which represent other stages of life.



1997 Rotonda della Basilica di San Carlo al Corso ( Milano )
1999 Piccola Galleria UCAI (Brescia)
1999 Convento di Sant’Angelo dei Frati Minori Francescani ( Milano )
2001 Antico Oratorio della Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio ( Milano )
2003 Circolo della Stampa ( Milano )
2004 Ex-Ateneo di Piazza Vecchia ( Bergamo-città alta )

Complesso Monumentale della Bocca della Verità (Roma)
Antico Palazzo della Pretura (Castell'Arquato - PC)





2000 Accademia di Romania - “ XXIII “Medusa Aurea” ( Roma )
2001 Castello degli Estensi - “ ProArt” ( Ferrara )
2001 Galleria Il Quadrifoglio -“Arte & Donna” ( Padova )
Sala Barna - “Grupo Batik Art” ( Barcellona-Spagna )
2002 MAC’21 ( Marbella- Spagna )
2003 Sala Barna - “Grupo Batik Art” ( Barcellona-Spagna )
MAC’21 ( Marbella- Spagna )
XIV Salòn Internacional ACEA’S ( Barcellona-Spagna )
Prima Rassegna Internaz. "Arte per la Vita" (Verona)